Our Body is Nature

Our Body is Nature

A friend of mine, Edit Selmeczi wrote beautifully about how we may loose our ways and what can help us back. You can work with Edit online to learn Focusing – the best way I learned also to find my way back to the most authentic and joyful version of me.

Our Body is Nature

When there is a negative life experience that comes with pain and fear, there are different ways to respond to that. We often rely on our logical and intellectual skills to avoid similar life experiences or to resolve the situation that causes that negative experience. We lost our trust in our natural instinct and we try to navigate life, keep away from unexpected negative events with the help of our intellectual capacities. The control of the rational mind froze our muscles, our movements, our natural inclinations into a structure with limited or no freedom. We need to understand every single action of ours before we allow it to happen. What does not make sense rationally is not safe and as such is exiled and oppressed. Focusing can bring a compassionate attention to all that: to the scared part, to the rational mind, and to the muscles that want to uncramp from their frozen state – they are all welcome to tell their stories. As the voices of all parts heard, as they tell their story, it might feel safe to allow those exiled parts to unfreeze and move freely again. It restores trust in Nature. Our body is Nature. It organically knows where the light is and it moves towards it when we allow it.  ​​

Edit Selmeczi

If you are interested in learning Focusing from Edit, you can book a 20 minute free session to have a chat and sense whether this is what you are looking for. See more about her at her Website and her BFA profile.

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