Focusing Links


Information about Focusing:

  • The British Focusing Association (Promotes the development and teaching of Focusing, and offers recognition to teachers and practitioners. You can find a lot of useful information on their website about focusing, plus focusing contacts and resources available in the UK.)
  • The Focusing Institute (The world HQ of Focusing, based in the US. It supplies books and tapes, organises annual conferences and courses, and puts lots of interesting information about Focusing and Gendlin’s work on their website.)
  • Focusing Resources (Ann Weiser Cornell’s website in Berkeley CA, who is the world’s most prolific Focusing teacher. She publishes regular focusing tips via e-mail and lots of free on-line resources (articles, recordings, on-line course.)
  • Focusing DVDs (Nada Lou’s website in Canada, with some excellent DVDs available to buy on many aspects of Focusing.)

Guided Focusing Exercises:

You can try these exercises on your own, to see if Focusing could be a helpful approach to you.

  • A 5 min guided focusing exercise from the International Focusing Institute to clear space inside of you a bit when things feel a bit too much, so you can find some rest and calm. This can be also a good way to start some further focusing on your own.
  • 30 min guided focusing exercise by Dr. Kathy McGuire called “How I am today?”. It is a very good way to check in with yourself and bring into your awareness and process some of your inner experiences (body sensations, feelings, thoughts),  when you feel like this could be helpful to you.
  • A 20 min guided focusing exercise by Dr. Kathy McGuire that can help you to cultivate a warm, accepting and caring attitude towards yourself or towards any parts of you that could really do with feeling safe and wanted in this world.

Finding a Focusing Partner:

Generally, it is easier to find a focusing partner, if you find ways to meet first other focusing people. Joining local focusing groups or attending focusing workshops can be a good start. If you can’t find focusing partners locally, focusing via Skype or Zoom can also work well.

  • Brighton Focusing Circle (A Facebook page of a currently forming local focusing network for people who have learnt the basics of Focusing and being the listener and who wish to find other focusers to practice with. Currently collecting people interested in being part of this.)