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Hello, I am Ildiko Davis – a Counsellor, HSP Mentor and a Focusing Practitioner. Apart from specialising in Focusing Oriented Therapy and Sensory Processing Sensitivity, I also love being able to help people to beat stress and anxiety, since these issues become epidemic in our fast and overstimulating world. I am dedicated to create a safe and calm environment, where you can make peace with who you are and find steps toward a happier life. Hopefully, the details here will help you to decide whether I could be the right therapist for you. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about working together.

Professional Memberships:

I am a member of the British Focusing Association (BFA) and The International Focusing Institute (TIFI). This means that I abide by their codes of ethics and professional practice for my work as a focusing professional and also take part in some of their trainings and professional events. I also enjoy the professional discussions with other members, which enrich and expand my perspectives about working as a helping professional and about ways that organisations can work. I was also associated with the National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS) for 10 years – and was sad when it has ceased to be as an organisation that raised awareness of the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

Qualifications and Education:

  • BACP accredited Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling
  • BFA qualified Focusing Practitioner
  • Specialist training to work with:
    • highly sensitive people (HSP)
    • addictions
    • sexual abuse
    • trauma
    • self-harm
    • suicidal thoughts
    • dreams
  • Masters degree in Architecture and Building Engineering

I love learning and continually increase my knowledge and skills by further training, regular supervision and self-directed learning.

Work Experience:

  • Student counselling:
    • Associate Counsellor at the University of Greenwich
    • Associate Counsellor at the University of Sussex
  • Supporting women:
    • Working with survivors of sexual abuse or violence at Survivors’ Network in Brighton
    •  Counselling for relationship and family issues at Haringey Women’s Forum in London
  • Working with drug or alcohol dependency:
    • Substance Misuse Counsellor at Eban Project of Blenheim CDP in London
    • Substance Misuse Counsellor at CRI in Brighton
  • Group facilitation and HSP support:
    • HSP Meetup Faciltator for the National Centre for High Sensitivity.

I have been working with private clients since 2006, initially in London and since 2008 in Brighton. Since 2018 I have been working with clients exclusively online via Skype and Zoom.

Other Relevant Experiences:

In my work as a counsellor, I draw understanding from my life experiences, as well. I moved to England in 1993 from Hungary, a culturally and politically very different background. I am aware of the variety of values and traditions people can have and have learned to interact sensitively across diverse cultures, lifestyles and nationalities. My respect for differences of opinion and values is an important aid in my counselling work and I can establish good working relationships with people from all walks of life.

I also have experience of using counselling to address difficulties in my own life. I have gained so much from this! Taking time to reflect on my issues helped me to change stuck places in myself and in my life. My positive experience of counselling also inspired me to become a counsellor. I love to assist others to find better ways of coping in life, just as it was possible for me. As a highly sensitive person, I am also keen to support HSPs on their journey to manage better the challenges of this trait and to create the life they desire.

In 2016, I have taken a long sabbatical in Hungary to be able to focus on recharging, my personal growth and to reflect on my life and the ‘bigger picture’. Consequently, I have decided to move back to Hungary in 2018 and start working with UK clients exclusively via Skype or Zoom. I am hoping that this way I will have a better work/life balance and will be able to focus more on what I would like to do – supporting highly sensitive people and raising awareness about high sensitivity both in the UK and in Hungary. Clients need to be aware however that  their online sessions will be legally taking place in Hungary and will be under Hungarian jurisdiction. Due to differences between UK and Hungarian counselling qualifications, I am also required by law to state that my assistance to personal insight is offered on an educational basis and not as a health care provider.

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