Focusing Services

As a qualified Focusing Practitioner, I can offer the the following ways for you to benefit from Focusing:

Focusing Lessons

“In order to heal themselves, people must recognize, first, that they have an inner guidance deep within and, second, that they can trust it.” (Shakti Gawain)

Most people can learn the basics of Focusing in 3-6 individual Focusing lessons (~ 50 minutes long). We will build on your existing natural focusing skills and teach you how to use intentional steps to harness your creative and intuitive abilities. You will learn how to use yours inner sense to guide you towards using this gentle yet potentially powerful practice safely. You can learn to practice Focusing alone or with a Focusing partner and to apply it to a variety of issues you may want to address. I can teach Focusing face to face or via Skype and can adjust our lessions to fit closely to your individual needs.

Guided Focusing Sessions

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” (Lao Tzu)

Once you learned the basics of Focusing, you can use guided Focusing sessions to focus on any life issues you may have. As a Focusing Guide, I will give you my undivided attention to assist you finding safe ways to be with your feelings, body sensations, thoughts and memories that may come up related to a problem you want to address. Being with your inner experiences supportively, will bring deeper awareness and clarity about your issues and you can sense your way towards possible solutions or resolutions for you. Guided Focusing sessions will help you to develop and deepen your Focusing practice and apply it to make progress in most areas of life. It is also an excellent alternative to Counselling and Psychotherapy – especially if you have difficulties about authority and depending on others and prefer more empowered and self-reliant ways to overcome your problems. We can arrange guided Focusing sessions face to face or via Skype.

Focusing Oriented Therapy

“The body, in its infinite wisdom, knows its own way back to wholeness.” (Eugene Gendlin)

You can use Focusing to increase the benefits you can get from any kind of talking therapy. As a Focusing Oriented Counsellor, I will assist you to use your existing focusing skills to develop more clarity and deeper awareness about your issues and to use it to steer us towards possible ways to transform your life. You can benefit from Focusing Oriented Therapy, even if you haven’t learned about Focusing yet, just interested in the idea of developing your own inner resources for creative problem solving and moving on with your life. Focusing Oriented Terapy can asssist you finding ways to face overwhelming feelings or problems and to use the natural inner processes of your body to guide you toward your healing. It can be a safe way to address your issues related to past traumas, as we will use your inner sense of safety and unease to navigate through your difficulties in our sessions.

Brighton Focusing Circle

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” (Carl Jung)

The Brighton Focusing Circle has been initially organised by Ildiko Davis. Due to her relocation to Hungary, our circle member, Anna Kane (Focuser and Occupational Psychologist) has kindly taken over the organising of these Focusing meetings. The Circle has a Facebook Page (moderated by Anna and Ildiko), aiming to support connecting people in Brighton and Sussex, who are interested in using Focusing for their personal development. Let us know your interest in practising Focusing by liking this page, which will also allow you to keep up to date with local focusing developments / news via our posts. Send an email to Anna at with details about your focusing experience. Feel free to use this page also as a noticeboard, if you have any focusing related questions or you are interested in finding one to one focusing partners locally. Anyone can browse on this page without signing up to Facebook, but would have to log-in to Facebook in order to add any comments to postings.