Links for HSPs

Sources of Information for Highly Sensitive People:

  • The Highly Sensitive Person (The number one website for HSPs is Dr. Elaine Aron’s website, with online HSP self test and in depth information based on her research, books and documentaries on High Sensitivity. Check out her extensive searchable newsletter archive for useful articles, her listing of research articles and her world-wide listing of Therapists and Coaches knowledgeable about High Sensitivity.)
  • (This fairly new (launched in 2020) and a very useful webiste for HSPs is run by researchers dedicated to sharing reliable and evidence-based knowledge on the human trait of sensitivity)
  • Vantage (A UK charity that campaigns to increase awareness and acceptance of high sensitivity and also offers corporate consultancy services and mindfullness based stress reduction workshops. One of the first of its kind in the world I believe – and hopefully many more will follow!)
  • National Centre for High Sensitivity Blog (Although the National Centre for High Sensitivity in the UK is, sadly, nomore – you can still browse it’s blog with helpful articles for HSPs and its useful directory of Professionals specialising to support HSPs in the UK. This hugely influential organisation (2010 – 2020), has raised awareness of high sensitivity and provided wide range of training and support to HSPs and professionals in the UK – among them myself. Luckily, its founder and director, Barbara Allen, is still providing support, training and consultancy based on her highest level of expertise at Growing Unlimited.)
  • HSP Gathering Retreat
    (Information on annual HSP gatherings in the UK and USA and Myers Briggs personality type workshops with an HSP overlay – incorporating knowledge about the HSP trait to this useful personality type system.)
  • Sustainably Sensitive
    (Emily Agnew’s excellent web page with lots of insightful articles that combine the wisdom of Focusing with thorough knowledge about high sensitivity.)
  • Sensitive Evolution
    (Maria Hill’s’s web page with articles, an online course and a movie club community community for HSPs, who are interested in making sense of their sensitivity in the midst of the changing cultural landscape of our times)
  • The Happy Sensitive
    (Caroline Van Kimmenade’s web page with lots of useful articles for HSPs and probably one of the most sensible information you can find about Empaths.)

Films and Audio for Highly Sensitive People:

  • Gratitude – video by Louie Schwartzberg (Not strictly HSP related, but I’m certain all sensitive people will resonate with this beautiful short film. It is suitable as a guided gratitude practice. – 5 mins.)

Useful Articles for Highly Sensitive People:

  • Vantage Sensitivity (Dr. Elaine Aron’s writes about recent research findings related to the advantages of high sensitivity.)
  • Introversion, Extroversion and the Highly Sensitive Person (Extroverted HSPs often referred to as the “extroverted introvert,” the “outgoing introvert” or the “contemplative extrovert”. This excellent article by Jacquelyn Strickland explains how extroversion shows up in HSPs and dispells some misuderstandings about them.)
  • Emotional Regulation and HSPs (Dr. Elaine Aron explains why emotions and their regulations can be such an issue for HSPs and ways to manage it better.)

Articles about Highly Sensitive Children and Parenting:

  • The Temperament Perspective (This review of Jan Kristal’s book is for parents of sensitive children, and also for professionals, such as teachers and counsellors.)

UK Therapists with an interest in working with HSPs:

  • Penny Wright (Location: Brighton & via phone & online – Website – Tel: 07584 201837 – Email)
  • Pete Smith (Location: Alton, Hampshire & via phone – Website – Tel: 01420 88938 – Email)
  • Michelle Woodall (Location: Edinburgh, Scotland – Website – Tel: 0784 679 741 – Email)
  • Clare Myatt (Location: London & Birmingham, via phone & Skype – Website – Tel: 07894 714 853 – Email)
  • Cindy Barnes (Location: Cookham Dean, Berkshire, via phone & Skype – Website – Tel: 07739 188 039 – Email)
  • Christine Gault (Location: St Albans, Herts, via Skype & FaceTime – Website – Tel: 07836 312 760 – Email)
  • Tom Falkenstein (Location: London – Website – Tel: 07534 392 757 – Email)
  • Andrew Rott (Holistic Coach – Location: London – Website – Tel: 07710 775 621 – Email)
  • Nina Khoo (Personal Development Coach – Location: Winchester, Hampshire, Skype & Facetime – Website – Tel: 07812 251 440 – Email)
  • David Wilson (Location: Gloucestershire & London, via phone, Skype & email- Website – Tel: 07421 046 591 – Email)
  • Helen Gibbs (Location: West Liss, near Petersfield, Hampshire and via Skype – Website – Tel: 07503 461 838 – Email)
  • Marcus Sly (Location: Surrey and online via Zoom – Website – Tel: 07747 481 182)
  • Tiffany Carthy (Location: Isle of Wight and online – Website – Tel: +44 7863 339261)
  • Rose Arnold (Location: between Chester and Northwich and via phone – Website – Tel: +44 7984 290514 – Email)

If you are a UK therapist (Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach or similar) interested in working with HSP clients, contact , if you would like to be added to the list above.