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I am working with UK clients via online video link only, as I am living in Hungary currently. Online therapy can be beneficial for people who lead busy lives, and if attending face to face sessions are not practical due to your location or disability. Some people can also feel more comfortable working with an online therapist, who is not local to them – no chance of bumping into them accidentally.  Therapy via the internet is not suitable however for clients who have profound mental health issues, and/or if you are suicidal or in a major crisis situation. Clients also need to be aware that  their online sessions will be legally taking place in Hungary and will be under Hungarian jurisdiction.


To arrange online therapy via a video link (Counselling, HSP Consultation/Mentoring or Focusing sessions) please contact me via email at for setting up an initial appointment via Skype or Zoom. You can also call me on +36 30 2809 571 to arrange this initial session.

Online therapy sessions last 55 minutes and would be typically once a week at the same time and on the same Skype / Zoom address. If you are late for your session, it will still finish at the usual time.


I offer a lower cost initial appointment for £35 to decide, whether working with me is the right thing for you. If we agree to continue with our sessions, I charge £45-£60 per session, depending on your ability to pay. I can offer some concessions to students and people on low income (daytime appointments only – subject to availability).

Payments for the sessions are via bank transfer. Please make sure that your payment arrives before the beginning of our session. Please note: sending payments can be difficult from some countries and the charges to send money to a UK bank account can be expensive. Exchange rates can also change over time. If you don’t live in the UK and would like to work with me you may find it useful to check with your bank about making transfers.

Other details about Skype or Zoom Sessions:

Before our first online session, I will send you by e-mail a questionnaire and my usual terms of agreement, for you to fill out and read. Our first session will be arranged after receiving your filled out intake form. The initial assessment session would be approximately a 55 minutes long talk focusing on the details of working together, and not a typical counselling/ HSP cosultation or focusing session. If we agree to work together after our first session, I will ask you to return our terms of agreement signed and payment for your next session.

For our work you will need a good Skype or Zoom connection. You can download for free the Skype application at and the Zoom application at You can also find apps for your phone for these programs. You will also find at these websites details about how to install and set up your online video link. You will need a good internet connection, sound and picture for Skype or Zoom to work at its best. I would recommend, if possible, to use Zoom for our sessions, as it provides a more secure confidential setting and seems to have a more reliable connection.

Please ensure that you are in a confidential setting for your sessions. You want to feel free to talk and be open. It is also beneficial to allow some time after the session to process what we talked about and feel ready to deal with other things.

Technology can occasionally fail us. We will agree with you at the beginning of our sessions what to do, if you can’t make contact via Skype or Zoom, or if the internet connection fails during our session. Usually, we can have a session via phone, even if there is a problem with establishing a video link.

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