Consuming less news will make you happier

Learning ways to reduce stimulation levels in our life is essential for keeping calm.  This is even more important for highly sensitive people, who can overwhelm more easily with too much coming in. A good solution for avoiding overwhelm can be restricting the amount of news that we are exposed to. I would like to share with you an excellent article from the Guardian website about the downside of news consumption. It makes a compelling argument for reducing your news intake for a happier life. This is especially relevant for those with a more sensitive nervous system, who tend to have stronger emotional reaction to things.

I’d like to add that I do not suggest to stay completely ignorant on what is happening in the world. Rather, you may try to focus on the big picture (ie. big issues) and issues that matter to you personally. It is ever so easy to get lost in lots of irrelevant news that are designed to stir your emotions (especially anxiety and aggression) and not to educate you about meaningful issues. This will not just bring unnecessary emotional strain in your life but also takes a long time to process mentally. This can even disrupt your sleep, when your brain is struggling to sort through all that you have seen and heard during the day.

If you feel that going on a “news-diet” could be beneficial for you, read this article for encouragement and to dispel any worries about missing out:

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